Q: Are the zip wire kits suitable for adults? 

A: Yes! All of our zip wire kits are commercial grade using the highest quality wire rope to ensure maximum safety, any of our totally wired garden zip wire kits are suitable for adults and children alike! 

Q: What length of zip wire do I need? 

A: Firstly measure the distance between your two anchor points then add a further 3-5 meters to ensure you have enough cable to wrap around your second anchor point. So for example, if you had a 25 meter run, you would be best purchasing a 30 meter zip wire kit. 

Q: What's the best angle for a zip wire? 

A: For an average speed ride, you should be looking to achieve a 3-4 meter drop based on an average 50 metre kit installed on flat terrain. Keep in mind the natural sag in the wire will naturally slow down the rider towards the end of the run, this along with the industrial spring break ensures the rider is safe at all times. 

 Q: What is the minimum rider age? 

A: We recommend all zip wire riders to be aged 5 and above with adults supervision. 

Q: My garden is flat, can I have a zip wire? 

A: Yes! Of course, providing you add enough natural height to the run and generate speed. 

 Q: What's the largest cable you can have on a zip wire kit. 

A: We offer zip wire kits up to 300 metres in length and can help you choose the correct wire rope needed for any length above 100m  

Q: Will the cable cut into our tree?

A: It's very unlikely that this would happen as we provide a free protective PVC strip to prevent this happening with all zip wire kits. 

Q: How fun are zip wires? 

A: If you're looking to not see the kids for a good few days... or weeks, you're in the right place! Zip wires are a fantastic outdoor adventure toy for kids of any age... yes that means you too big kids, our kits are suitable for adults too. 

If you have any questions please call Luke 07539815707 or email l.hutchinson@hswr.co.uk